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Vaaranmäki watch tower is located at the top of a high hill. The tower offers great views to the lake Pieni Rautjärvi and the surrounding areas. It is even possible to see the forests in the Russian side of the border.

Spring: The migration route of the Arctic geese goes by the Vaaranmäki hill. The place is good for following the migration of the birds of prey.

Autumn: During the busiest migrating days it is possible to see thousands of geese from the tower.

Vaaranmäki is located by the church in Saari. From highway 6, turn to Akonpohja and after driving through the village centre, turn to right, to the direction of the church. Pass the Honkakylä intersection and drive 500 metres towards the church. On the right side of the road there is a parking lot for the graveyard and the watch tower. There is space for around twenty cars in the parking lot. The trail to the tower starts from the opposite side of the road. The trail is steep and approximately 400 metres long. The tower has two floors and space for around ten people. A lean-to shelter, fireplace site and a toilet are located in the proximity of the tower.

Lng :29.751191
Lat: 61.657444

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