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In the Local App, your business information and offers reach locally in Lappeenranta.

If you are already a member, you can log in to update your information exactly when it suits you.

If your business isn't already listed in the Local App,

you can easily add your information online!




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Still not a member? As a Businness member

you add Local App basic

business information and photos.

Our event calendar fetches even automatically

Your event on one event aggregation page.


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Add individual event pages,

offers, news, and services and products

presentations. 2020 for premium members

also opening their own sales channel through which

sell your services to app users!

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Now your Premium membership trial is still free.

Premium will become chargeable as the

situation in the Korona epidemic gets better.



We will help you get started

Wondering how you can best leverage the potential of your business at our service? We will help and brainstorm with you which services will help your business succeed.

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Choose the most appropriate ways to appear

Local App is the local partner for your business. We offer a variety of visibility options for you and help you discover new ways to leverage our channels in your marketing!



Update your business information as you see fit. Log in to the service with the usernames provided to you. 


At best, we automatically retrieve your events and list them on a page that is easily browsable.

Events plus

Create a custom page for one or all of your events. you can tell people more about schedules, program and ticketing.


Create unique offers for your services and products. Offers are redeemable through the Local App.


Information about your company’s new services, products and opening hours. Create seasonal tips or advertise for example a revolving menu!


Get on the Local App's favorite list! Add presentations of the products and services your company offers.