Lappeenranta is well-known as a lively summer town where mostly everyone will find something to do. We have collected to the application approximately more than 250 locations from all around the area. Moreover, we have compiled a list of places you would like to visit.

Churches and museums are the classical sights for those who are interested in culture and history.  

Shopping can be a part of the trip. Find out the latest trends and gifts from the shopping centres: 

Lappeenranta has numerous variations to realize an active and sporty vacation. Here are some ideas:  

Leave the world behind and experience the Finnish nature 

Finnish laavu is a traditional and ethnic lean-to for temporary residence during hiking, canoeing or fishing trips in the wilderness. There are many of them around the area but here are some:  

Popular hotels in Lappeenranta… 

…or would you like to stay in an idyllic apartment or in a cottage in the middle of nature. 

Our recommended places to cure the hunger.  

Have a coffee or tea break. Check out:  

Those who are not willing to sleep at night and are looking for some fun

Live-entertainment from side to side 

Check out Events for further information 

More information about these places and many many more you can find from Lappeenranta Local App. Also, do not forget to leave us a feedback!

Have a great adventurous journey in Lakeland!  

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